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Image of Natal Chart Principles by Jane Reynolds *RARE*

Natal Chart Principles by Jane Reynolds *RARE*

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No one is born with the ability to interpret a natal chart. Talented astrologers got that way because they developed astrological interpretation skills. Interpreting a natal chart isn't a simple skill. It's not even a complex skill. Interpreting a natal chart is a process. Natal Chart Principles demonstrates, step by step, how to create detailed, specific, practical interpretations of any natal chart. Interpreting a natal chart is like painting a portrait. In both instances, the objective is to capture a likeness of the subject. You can capture the essence of a person without copying their appearance. The events in your life, your behavior, and your choices are external, and relate to appearance. Astrology looks beneath the surface to reveal the essence. One of the most important skills in astrology is the ability to connect the appearance of a client with the essence of the natal chart. Originally published in 1977.

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